My Limo Australia | Three Examples of ‘Limousine-Appropriate’ Occasions
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Three Examples of ‘Limousine-Appropriate’ Occasions

Three Examples of ‘Limousine-Appropriate’ Occasions

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Hiring a Fancy Ride

Wedding Cars How does somebody determine how ‘fancy’ a ride is? Does it have to do with how shiny and new it looks? Or maybe it’s a matter of horsepower and how fast a car can go in an hour? We all have our own standards of what a ‘fancy’ ride is, but there are certain vehicles that are undeniably cool and fancy.

A good example would be a limousine, something we normally see as the choice type of vehicle celebrities’ ride to awards shows or parties. We can also see limousines in certain movies or TV series being used by characters who are portrayed as being ‘the rich and powerful’ person of the series.

Due to how these limousines are often being portrayed, most of us might assume that the thought of riding in one is a farfetched dream. That’s where we’re wrong though, because there’s no rule stating that only the rich and famous can ride a limousine.

Although actually purchasing one is still quite costly, we can always choose to hire a limousine instead! It’s more affordable and possibly more practical since limousines are often only used for special occasions rather than every day.

Limousine-Appropriate Occasions

Whether it be a small, exclusive party with our closest friends or huge event with a significant number of guests, hiring a limousine can be quite appropriate. It’s completely in our discretion whether or not we want to hire a limousine for a certain event.

For us to have a good idea though, below are examples of what we may call ‘limousine-appropriate’ occasions:

  • Weddings. A special day deserves a car that is just as special! All attention should be on the couple on their wedding day, and what’s a better way to make a grand entrance than getting out of a sleek limousine? Limousines are also quite spacious, making it easy to fit in the bride and her big and fluffy wedding gown, her groom, and a few members of the wedding entourage! These vehicles are built to accommodate approximately 10 people at most. Wedding cars, or rather wedding limousines, also come with a complimentary bottle of champagne for the couple to start celebrating even when they’re still on their way to the reception!
  • Special Tours. Certain tourists choose to hire a limousine to take them around a place they haven’t been to before instead of the normal tour bus! It’s definitely one way of making the most out of a vacation. Through going on a limousine tour, tourists enjoy the beautiful sights of a new place and the comfort and luxury of a limousine! Additionally, since chauffeurs are trained to know the roads like the back of their hand, they would know which routes are the more scenic ones and which ones to avoid.
  • Birthdays or Anniversaries. We only celebrate birthdays and anniversaries once a year, so why not make things more special by hiring a limousine to take us and our guests around the town? We can hire a limousine to take us to an intimate birthday or anniversary dinner, then take us and our guests’ home afterward!

Limousine Hire Companies in Australia

There are a good number of companies where you can hire a limousine for any special event or occasion! For instance, our company My Limo Australia has limousines and prestige cars available for weddings, corporate meetings, airport transfers, etc.

You can view a full list of our services and more details on our website Visit the link to find out how we can help you with our limousine hires!