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My Limo Australia provides a professional Chauffeur Service in Australia for companies and private clients available 24/7 for visits and business trips to any destination in Melbourne, Sydney,Brisbane,Adelaide and Perth.
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Be a Safe and Relaxed Passenger

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The Easy Life of a Passenger

Special Events & European Prestige Transport Although driving can be a source of relaxation to some, it can also be a source of stress to others. Most of this stress comes from the experience of having to face traffic and other drivers who are less than cautious about the way they drive.

This is usually why most people would think that passengers have it easy, because they’re mostly just sitting there looking out the window or doing whatever it is they’re doing. Meanwhile, the person behind the wheel is concentrating on properly maneuvering through roads and controlling the vehicle in order to reach the destination with everyone safe and in one piece.

We need breaks every once in a while, especially if we’re behind the wheel most of the time, stressing about traffic and bad drivers. We can be the passengers for once, and we can make things even more comfortably special by hiring a limousine!

Several places in Australia, for example Sydney, have companies who offer limousines and prestige cars for hire. With the help of these services, we can take not just any ordinary break from driving, but actually experience being a passenger in a fancy car!

Of course, we’re free to avail of these services if we feel like it as long as we’re not going to do anything illegal and we’re able to pay for it. Normally though, people would seek these services when they need to be brought to special occasions like parties, business conferences, weddings, etc.

Limousine Safety Tips

Every limousine company in Australia and in other places around the world is bound to have their own safety measures and practices. That way, their passengers can feel secure and can fully sit back and relax while the chauffeur takes care of driving them to their destination.

More often than not, we’ll be in good hands when hiring a limousine service for a certain special occasion. For some of us who want to be quite sure though, here are some safety tips to keep in mind and to check with the limo hire company:

  • The first thing we have to make sure of before hiring a limousine or other such prestige car from a company is if they’re legally registered. We can always ask the company if the vehicle we have selected or all their vehicles are registered with the local assigned government office. Then to be sure, we can confirm with the said office so we can be fully comfortable with our vehicle choice.
  • Having ready-to-use fire extinguishers is a must for nearly every vehicle hire company, but most especially for limo or prestige car hire companies. Fire extinguishers are often located in the car’s boot. However, an extra safety measure would be to make sure there is another fire extinguisher in the front compartment. This can come in quite handy during emergencies, as having a fire extinguisher in the front makes it more accessible to the chauffeur.
  • Reviews from other customers can tell us a lot more on how good the service was, they can also tell us how safe they felt when in their hired vehicle. Chances are if they strongly felt they were in good hands, we can be assured to feel just as safe as well. Certain government offices also keep records of companies like these. While some records are confidential, they can always give us their opinion on a particular vehicle hire company if they’re safe and legit.

Safety Is Our Priority

At My Limo Australia, the safety and comfort of our clients are our biggest priorities, so we make sure to properly train our chauffeurs and answer to all your concerns. If you’re interested in learning more about our limousine or prestige wedding car hire services, you can visit our website at

Be able to really stretch your limbs and relax in a secured vehicle while our skilled chauffeurs take you wherever you may want to go!